Project Management


Managing a large, complex project is never easy. It usually places additional demands on your time, resources and budgets. Successful project delivery requires strong project management and leadership, and team members with the right talents and relevant skills. P.C.E. PESHAWAR help clients by providing trained specialists to complement their project team. When and where necessary, P.C.E. PESHAWAR provides industry-experienced project managers ensuring the timely and successful implementation of the project.

Advice can cover location, type of facility, construction needs, potential risk factors and resource planning. Programme and cost targets, activities and interfaces are all closely monitored so that potential problems are identified early and prompt corrective action is taken. We place great emphasis on controlling and managing change, and each project is managed proactively to prevent it developing its own inertia.

No matter how large or complex your project is, P.C.E. PESHAWAR project management specialists are capable of supporting your needs. P.C.E. PESHAWAR project management specialists have attained Institute of Project Management accreditation.

Project management comprises the management of all that is involved in achieving a project’s objectives safely and within agreed time, cost, technical, quality and other performance criteria. Services provided by our experienced specialist staff include:



Special mentoring options are also available to train and support current management staff and assist them with their needs in developing or managing a project or program. This includes the creation and conduct of workshops covering issues such as project management and teamwork utilizing experiential learning in workplace simulation workshops. They are interactive and fun.


Understanding and effectively defining organizations business requirements is a core service provided by P.C.E. PESHAWAR. By analyzing current business processes and comparing these with organizational direction and future requirements, P.C.E. PESHAWAR experienced team is able to define a gap analysis and proceed to detail specific business requirements.


The best software in the world, implemented in record time and on budget may still result in project failure if the users choose not to use it. Managing change during projects is the way of bringing the “hearts and mind on board”.

Key change management strategies must be implemented and effectively communicated and distributed thought-out the wider stakeholder community – in parallel to the project management Gantt chart.

P.C.E. PESHAWAR assist organizations in developing and executing change management strategies that ensure:

  • Optimal project and stakeholder communication,
  • Fear and surprise is replaced with knowledge and awareness,
  • Learning and education requirements are complete and effective,
  • On going support and learning strategies are implemented,
  • Avenues of feedback are developed and open from day one.

P.C.E. PESHAWAR bring vast experiences in organizational change management (OCM). Our consultants adhere to P.C.E. PESHAWAR’s OCM methodology and develop rigorous business engagement strategies to minimize impact of transitions.


BPM is the ability to see and control all parts of a long-lived, multi-step information request or transaction that spans multiple applications and people in one or more companies.

BPM means harnessing and enhancing the value of business processes within extended enterprise, no matter whom they involve.

A BPM solution is a graphical productivity tool for modeling, integrating, monitoring, and optimizing process flows of all sizes, crossing any application, company boundary, or human interaction.


To become a world-class project management consulting practice, P.C.E. PESHAWAR has invested in research and development of a proven methodology known as the P.C.E. PESHAWAR deliverance Framework (DDF).

Unlike conventional methodologies, the DDF is business-case centric and integrates systems development and delivery processes congruent to its ISO9001 certified quality system. The methodology draws heavily on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) and Prince 2.

Typically, P.C.E. PESHAWAR project managers would adopt and adhere to clients existing methodology to ensure alignment with concurrent initiatives, and supplement them with elements of the DDF as required.

We bring vast experiences in organizational change management (OCM). P.C.E. PESHAWAR consultants adhere to PMP Standard methodology and develop rigorous business engagement strategies to minimize impact of transitions.